Sodium Sarcosinate

Natrium sarkosinat

Appearance: Slightly yellow liquid

Packaging: 200 kg plastic drums 

Molecular Formula: C3H6NNaO2


Relatively safe, can be used at ease, for pregnant women generally has no effect, and sarcosine sodium does not cause pox. It has excellent dispersion, antistatic ability, and limited cleaning ability. As a conditioner, it is used in the field of personal care products.



  • It is used for producing monohydrate creatine, N-acyl sarcosine, and sodium salt, and used as an active agents for advanced skin care cream, toothpaste and shampoo, and advanced medical soap and cosmetics.
  • It is also used as a fast dye aid, a lubricant rust inhibitor, a fiber dyeing assistant, a fiber dyeing assistant, an antistatic agent, a soft processing agent, and a biochemical reagent.