Lauramine oxide

Lauramine oxide

Appearance: Clear to Amber Liquid

Packaging: 200 litres plastic drums

Molecular Formula: C14H31NO


Lauramine Oxide is not only effective but also an environmentally responsible surfactant that can often replace ingredients found in petroleum-based products, potentially enhancing performance. It is an exceptional and versatile surfactant known for its high efficiency in cleaning. It imparts excellent foaming and solubilizing properties to a wide range of products, including cleaners, shampoos, bath and body products, detergents, and hard surface cleaners, as well as formulations designed for delicate fabric care.




  • Used in washes and cleaners, body washes, conditioners
  • Also contained in Alkaline and Acid Cleaners, Bleach Cleaners, Car and Truck Wash Soaps, Roof and House washes, Dishwash Detergents
  • Also used as a foam booster