LABSA - Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic acid

LABSA - Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic acid

Appearance: Brown liquid

Packaging: 200 litres plastic drums

Molecular Formula: C18H30O3S


Linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid is a highly usable synthetic surfactant due to its relatively low cost and good performance. Additional advantages are featured in the ability to be dried to a stable powder. Its straight chemical chain makes it biodegradable, adding to the environmental consciousness factor. Although some of the competitive surfactants have advantages of greater hard-water tolerance or better compatibility with enzymes, LABSA has overall more favorable properties and is often more affordable.




  • Applied in synthetic detergent industries in formulation of Washing powder, Detergent powder, Detergent cake, Liquid Soap, Cleaning powder, Scouring Bar, Oil soaps etc.
  • It is used in anionic specialty formulations
  • In other industries such as textile industries, it is used as an mercerising or washing agent
  • It is used to increase the surface area of distempers
  • As main active matter in all forms of Detergents like Cake, Powder and Liquid formulations
  • As emulsifier and wetting agent in small quantity with other surfactants in Toilet soaps for foaming
  • In Pesticides to improve the quality of spray