APG - Decyl Glucoside

APG - Decyl Glucoside

Appearance: Light yellow liquid

Packaging: 200 litres plastic drums

Molecular Formula: C16H32O6


APG or alkyl glycoside has low surface tension, adjustable HLB value, strong wetting power, strong detergency, rich and delicate foam, strong compatibility, non-toxic, harmless, non-irritating to the skin, rapid and complete biodegradation, and can be combined with any type of surfactant.



  • APG can be applied in detergents, cosmetics, bio-chemicals, food, plastic, pesticide, textile, paper making, medicine and oil industries, etc.
  • Can be used in pesticides, hard surface detergents and industry detergents, shampoo, bath foam, cosmetics and detergents for dinnerware, etc.